''Here on out you are my everything

My life evolves all around you

I am here to serve only you...''



DanaBassotta Dark Queen semicircle sterling silver stud earrings with 8k yellow gold elements and gorgeous deep green emeralds. The earrings are hammered and oxidized to add a magic effect to the whole jewellery piece. 

Dark Queen



    1mm sterling silver

    8k yellow gold

    Stones two 2mm emeralds
    Dimensions 29mm L x 20mm W

    DanaBassotta earrings are handled individually with craftsmanship and care; annealed, soldered, textured, sanded, tumbled and polished to create the uniqueness and durability.
    Each piece of jewellery will be gift packaged beautifully and responsibly and can be directly shipped to the lucky recipient. Presented in a nice DanaBassotta jewellery box and DanaBassotta black satin bag.