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What a stunning premium quality Sterling silver bangle set with the most beautiful genuine rubies mined in Thailand.  Rubies measure 0.8mm -1mm round and are a vibrant strawberry red, lovely colour. Please be assured the rubies are not lab created and have not been filled to enhance their beauty! The rubies are natural apart from receiving some heat treatment which we would say applies to approximately 95% of rubies on the market today and is a totally acceptable practice within the gemstone industry.

This textured and hand engraved  delicate ruby bangle is a true statement jewellery piece for every day or for a special occasion.

Silver Ruby bangle

  • Materials

    2mmx 2mm Sterling silver


    0.8 - 1mm rubies






    DanaBassotta bangles are handled individually with craftsmanship and care; annealed, soldered, textured, sanded, tumbled and polished to create the uniqueness and durability.
    Each piece of jewellery will be gift packaged beautifully and responsibly and can be directly shipped to the lucky recipient. Presented in a nice DanaBassotta jewellery box and DanaBassotta black satin bag.

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