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Jewellery making process


DanaBassotta Jewellery & Accessories is a brand created by Dana Pelnika in 2009.

Dana was born in Latvia, has lived and studied in various European cities, and is currently based in Germany.

Having accomplished studies in Academy of Arts of Latvia, Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School in Florence, as well as in the École Boule in Paris and having sharpened her technical skills in jewellery creation, as well as engraving and stonesetting classes at the top level workshops in Paris, Bergamo, Rome, Riga, Berlin and London, Dana has developed her high precision skills and individualised creative expressions as DanaBassotta, ranging from beaded jewellery and fashion accessories to the finest artistry of silversmithing, in her designs employing the most exquisite materials and gemstones.

Dana's own hands and mind lie behind all the production stages of every unique piece of jewellery, thus endowing her creations with a strong and pronounced design identity. 

Moreover, behind every piece there is a special, charming story that runs through from initial to final stage of creation.


Combining the techniques of hand engraving - which have been refined in Italy and in France - Dana has developed her own personalised engraving style,which she calls  "Mood engravings for delicate souls", because there is so much of heart that flows into each piece that she has created.

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