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 DanaBassotta new gorgeous stud/dangle round earrings with stunning Florentine style hand engraving that remind you of the beautiful night sky, dark starry heaven...

 Hand fabricated in Argentium silver with gold 10/23 trace chain and wonderful yellow and brown Tourmaline and dark blue Sapphire beads are attached to the earrings creating chic, light and playful effect. 

Thanks to the antique Italian hand engraving technique and oxidation performed on these earrings the shine and sparkle are incredibly intense and beautiful! 

This is something very exclusive and unique, one of a kind earrings  that  you will not find anywhere else.

Starry Universe Earrings



    0.8 mm Argentium silver

    1mm sterling silver wire

    9k yellow gold chain


    2mm six Tourmaline beads

    two 3mm Sapphire beads


    Overall length


    about 40mm


    DanaBassotta earrings are handled individually with craftsmanship and care; annealed, soldered, textured, sanded, tumbled and polished to create the uniqueness and durability.
    Each piece of jewellery will be gift packaged beautifully and responsibly and can be directly shipped to the lucky recipient. Presented in a nice DanaBassotta jewellery box and DanaBassotta black satin bag.

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